Hôtel La Diligence

Art and gastronomy…

Having perfected his culinary skills in the finest Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris,
the chef and owner Jerome Farault moved into this fine old building with his wife. They invite you now on a journey of culinary discovery through their market-fresh ingrediants, subtle use of spices and  fresh garden herbs. The menu being inspired by local seasonal produce evolves throughout the year.

The restaurant is open from Tuesday lunchtime until Sunday afternoon.
From 12 ‘til 2 and from 7 ‘til 8h30.

La Diligence, 13 rue du Bourg - 41220 La Ferté Saint Cyr - Tél : 02 54 87 90 14 - Fax : 02 54 87 95 17 - Contact

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