Hôtel La Diligence

A Haven of Tranquility…

Our maroccan mosaics, steel-framed furniture, vine-wreathed pergodas, Jasmin and honeysuckle which pervade our terrace invite our guests to truely unwind and relax. Whether taking refreshment or d.ning, the terrace is the perfect spot on a fine day. In spring the garden comes to life, the flowers bloom releasing their fragrance, the birds sing and water trickles in the stream. The decision to idle beside the Japanese pond or to stroll round the grounds is entirely up to you !

La Diligence, 13 rue du Bourg - 41220 La Ferté Saint Cyr - Tél : 02 54 87 90 14 - Fax : 02 54 87 95 17 - Contact

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